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Personalised art classes

Relaxed and fun personal art classes for all abilities that will be held weekly over the course of a month.
All materials included
 and final pieces are yours to take home.
Classes last 3 hours.

Week 1 - Introduction to celebrating Patterns and Colours through the medium of Paint on canvas.
Week 2 - Further developing your pattern you can start transfering it into your own merchandise, a t-shirt will be provided alongside specialised paints. You will also be welcome to bring other items of clothing to paint in the class.

Week 3 - We will look into glassware and painting your own homeware set, whether you want your own personalised plate, glasses or tea set. Glass cups will be provided and other glass or ceramic items can also be brought into the class.
Week 4 - Now that you have tested your skills on
 objects you can then test your painting skills through the form of face painting and body painting. 

Course price: £250


Thank you for ordering!

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