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Photograph by Otto Masters

The Line Girl is a queer multidisciplinary artist that uses Collage, Drawing, Installation and Performance to explore the infinite subject of ‘Lines’.

Challenging the idea of the infinite and the ephemeral she leaves no boundaries or preference on her choice of canvass, her work can range between the inanimate to the conscious beings.
Having a wide range of exploration within her work, she still holds onto th
e consistently deliberate and organic fluent notion of the linear structure, which is pivotal to her ongoing exploration of a 'simple' subject.

Born in Baguio City, Philippines, and shaped by diverse cultural landscapes from the mountainous regions of the Philippines to the seaside towns of Scotland, The Line Girl now calls the richly multicultural city of London home, where she resides and creates.

Her artistic journey began with a focus on Photography at University, culminating in her year-long project, 'The Line Book,' a concertina book capturing daily moments intertwined with a consistent line flowing through each image. This project marked the beginning of her fascination with lines as a form of expression.

A pivotal semester at École supérieure d'Art de Grenoble, France, further enriched her artistic perspective, where she documented her experiences through 'The Line Book' while delving deeper into the integration of personal narratives into her work. It was here that she honed her craft, transitioning from documenting to creating organic line structures.

With a background in assisting artists and managing studios, she transitioned to independent practice. Initially exploring paper-based creations she expanded into larger, immersive pieces. Embracing a community of creatives, she fostered collaborations and pushed the boundaries of her practice.

The Line Girl champions inclusivity, believing that art should be accessible to all. Through mural painting and body art, she invites the public to engage directly with her work, blurring the lines between artist and audience.

Her art is a reflection of personal experiences, celebrating queer women, advocating for mental health awareness, and weaving elements of her own life into her illustrations.

The Line Girl's portfolio spans various public spaces, including bars, restaurants, and venues across London, where her murals captivate audiences. Her clientele includes notable brands such as The Other Art Fair, TikTok, Jägermeister, Netflix, and Patrón Tequila.



N4 Makers Market, London.'Currently, is this the future' || 6 - 8 December

Mana Poke, Edinburgh.|| 1 - 29 February


Stour Space, London. Picknic of Art X SSShake || 16 - 22 February


Number 90, London. 'Womb 2' || 12 January 

Arena Design Centre, London. 'Unframed' || 15 - 16 December 

The Bargehouse OXO Tower, London. 'The London Illustration Fair' || 30 November - 3 December

The Shakespeare, London. 'The Pub At The End Of The Universe' ||18 November 
Deebsday Festival. 28 July - 2 August 
The Oval Space, London. 'Art of Patron' || 27 July 

Waterstones, London. SAVAGE magazine launch || 20 March 
Number 90, London. 'Picknik of art' || 12 March - 2 April 
Big Burns Supper, Dumfries. 29 January 


Number 90, London. 'Picknik of art: special guests Blair Zaye/The Line Girl' || 9 October 

IMPREINT Space, London. 'Ephemeral' || 20 August 

71A Gallery, London. 'Blurred Borders'. In collaboration with Otto Masters || 9 -12 June 


The Underdog Gallery, London. 'Picknik of Art' || 21 November 
The Ritzy, London. 'Curio II Exhibition' || 3 November 

Village Underground, London. 'The Factory' || 26 October 
Battersea Barge, London. 'Curio Exhibition' || 14 September 
The Old Baths, London. 'SNOG' || 7- 14 September

The Old Baths, London. 'Vision' || 9 May

Kingston University, London. 'Interim' || 26 - 31 January 


Moo Cantina, London. 'Chapter One' || 24 Nov - 22 Dec
The Old Baths, London. 'Aesthetic' || 18 - 25 Oct 

Loading Bay Gallery, London. 'Glacéau Vitaminwater with Shinebright Studios'. In association with Lauren Baker || 31 July - 3 Aug 

Hoxton Gallery, London. 'Organised Chaos' || 30 April - 3 May



École Supérieure d’Art et Design, France. La Règle du jeu || 18 Nov 





Tik Tok

Amanda Harrington
Patrón Tequila
Exhale Coffee

Glass House London

The Street Easy
London Bridge Rooftop Bar

Bar 512

The Croft Farm Escape
Needs Not For Profit 

Cover Is Placed

She Bar
Lost Rivers Old Street

Curious Arts Festival

The Rivington Cafe

Deebsday Festival 

Samphire Festival

Crosstown Doughnuts


Blighty India Cafe

The Spot Club

Phoenix Nails Botique



Motherhood Volume 2
Soho House House Notes

NAKID Magazine (Online)

Thoughts Of She - Tangibility

Savage Magazine

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